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Shadow ceiling in the interior

Traditional methods of finishing ceilings with whitewash, paint or cheap cladding materials (e.g. polystyrene foam) are gradually becoming a thing of the past. There is now a wide range of multi-store structures in interior design using plasterboard, stretch film and 3D-designed fabric materials. And in recent years, innovative backlit shadow ceiling have become increasingly popular.

What is a shadow ceiling

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It is a suspended structure that is installed in the upper part of a room at a certain distance from the walls using special components and fasteners. Because there is a gap of a few centimeters around the perimeter, a stretch soaring ceiling feels as if it is literally hanging in the air.

The most popular designs feature lines of light. LED strips are placed along the edges of the suspended product at an angle. This distributes the light evenly along the contour, further enhancing the effect of a floating ceiling. In addition to interior decoration, this type of lighting can also be used as supplementary lighting in the room.

The main types of shadow ceiling

There are two main types of suspended ceiling – stretch ceilings (made from PVC film or fabric) and plasterboard ceilings. Each type, however, has its own installation technique, technical characteristics, features, and advantages.


suspended ceiling profiles

A stretch soaring ceiling with backlighting, made from PVC film or fabric, is similar in installation technology to the standard non-illuminated version. However, the only difference is the presence of special components. Inside these components, there is a cavity in which the LED strip is placed at a specific angle. Additionally, it is protected by a special transparent plug disperser, which prevents the accumulation of dust.

Some of the key benefits of floating stretch ceilings include:

  • Versatility – you can install the canvas in any area of ​​the room.
  • Variability – stretch structures can have different shapes, consist of several levels or separate modules, vary in texture and color.
  • Durability – stretched ceilings last at least 10-12 years.
  • Added protection – PVC film has high strength, so it can withstand a large amount of water in the event of flooding by neighbours from above.
  • Ease of maintenance – a stretch soaring ceiling will be particularly important in the kitchen as any dirt can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

As with any material, there are disadvantages to this type of finish. PVC film is unstable to mechanical damage and sudden changes in temperature. Fabric is more resistant to punctures and cuts, but is more susceptible to soiling.


led strip light profiles

A suspended plasterboard shadow ceiling is based on a strong metal frame. This strong base allows you to support the impressive weight of the structure. Similarly, like a stretch ceiling, a plasterboard suspended ceiling shadow with perimeter lighting can be multi-tiered. Moreover, with this material, you can create the most daring design ideas in unusual suspended shapes.

Plasterboard designs also have a number of distinct advantages, including:

  • Heat resistance – the material can withstand high temperatures and does not deform when overheated, allowing you to use any type of lighting.
  • Strength – thanks to a reliable framework and high physical properties of plasterboard, various elements (mirrors, mouldings, mosaic glass, etc.) can be used in the design.
  • Resistance – in addition to excellent protection against mechanical damage and high temperatures, this material is easy to repaint.

The weakness of plasterboard is moisture. Even a small amount of water on the material will leave visible streaks and stains. However, there is now a wide range of moisture-resistant plasterboard available on the market that completely eliminates this problem.

There is also another way to create a floating effect – cornice lighting. Fit a special skirting board from above around the perimeter of the room. Install an LED strip in the recess of such a skirting board. Properly placed, the lighting creates an effect of ‘airiness’.

This method is the cheapest. Moreover, it is relevant for small rooms and rooms where you do not want to lose precious centimetres on suspended structures. Additionally, the fixings are very easy to install and have high strength with relatively low weight.

Shadow ceiling – options

aluminium corner profile

Depending on the number of levels, suspended ceilings can be divided into three types:

  • Single – the simplest. Constructed in one plane, they effectively emphasise boundaries even without backlighting and do not take up space.
  • Two-level structures are universal floating structures. Firstly, they consist of a base and an additional level depicting figures of different shapes. Moreover, due to their volume, they visually expand the space. And, therefore, they change the original geometry of the room.
  • Multi-level – the most complex and spectacular. Do not install such shadow reveal ceilings in bathrooms, toilets, or corridors. Due to their bulkiness, they are only suitable for large and high rooms.

There are no strict limits on the shape of suspended elements, which allows you to create the most original and unusual interior designs. The following options are the most popular:

led recessed profile
  • Shadow gap ceiling lighting. Straight, wavy, zigzag or broken stripes of light – an interesting way to play with zoning the space. Shadow gap ceiling lighting are also an original and effective source of main lighting.
  • Classic shapes. Circles, ovals, squares, and other geometric shapes are the most common in interior design. Additionally, they combine perfectly with modern design styles, and their volume adds to the floating effect.
  • Arbitrary figures. There is no need to be satisfied with ready-made patterns. It is enough to order a unique ceiling design from a specialist and implement it with the help of special baguettes with lighting.

There are also several ways of placing the lighting:

  • Perimeter – gives the room depth and visually increases its volume.
  • On one side – creates the effect of asymmetry and a floating wall.
  • In a niche – a decorative addition that can be achieved in a variety of ways.

Shadow light ceiling – design methods

aluminum corner profile

A stretch soaring ceiling without backlighting or with light lines can be created using many original methods. The most common are

  • Photo printing. Beautiful starry skies, images of flowers, nature or animals, ancient frescoes or realistic photographs – all this will give the interior exclusivity and saturation.
  • Spot lighting. Use luminaires and LED strips to highlight specific areas of the room. Additionally, they enhance the floating effect of the suspended structure. Moreover, you can illuminate the whole room or create a themed atmosphere.
  • Light diffuser insert. This is another way of creating interesting lighting effects. For example, to highlight a specific floating area, pattern or figure.
  • Combined option. This is a combination of PVC film and plasterboard. By combining several materials and choosing the right backlighting, you can create a unique and unusual composition.

Shadow ceiling with light lines are particularly advantageous for small rooms. Even if you have to sacrifice a few centimeters of ceiling height, you still gain in visual perception. The hidden lighting makes the room seem much larger and higher. Use light tones to visually increase square meters, filling the room with additional space and comfort.

Use lines of light as the main source of lighting, or successfully combine them with a chandelier, wall, or floor lamps. Concealed lighting in suspended ceilings can also act as a night light in a bedroom, children’s room, hallway or bathroom.

Shadow ceiling – accessories

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