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Stretch fabrics and suspended gypsum boards have long been the leading choice for ceiling finishes in apartments, houses and commercial premises. Due to the high demand, manufacturers offer a wide range of solutions for the fixing systems of such decors. The ceiling shadow gap profile is one of the latest developments. Thanks to its unique design, it allows you to create an original gap between the wall and the suspended screen. Add style and aesthetics to your interior.

What is a ceiling shadow gap profilecorner profile led light

A shadow profile for ceiling is a special aluminum product. It provides a loose fit of the finishing material to the wall. Depending on the width of the profile, the shadow joint can be from 5 to 40 mm. The production of some models requires the presence of a special channel for the installation of a lighting strip. The most popular is the aluminum profile with a shadow gap of 10 mm.

The presence of a shadow gap between the wall and the ceiling creates the visual impression that the finishing material is floating in the air. And if you order a shadow gap ceiling profile with backlighting, the floating effect is multiplied many times over.

Advantages of the ceiling shadow gap profileprofile aluminum led

    • Aesthetic appearance. Such a shadow seam profile for ceiling creates a unique effect that can complement any style. And thanks to the wide range of models available, there are many possibilities for interior design.
    • High rigidity. The thoughtful design, good quality and impressive thickness of the product’s metal walls provide excellent strength. Such a ceiling profile with a shadow gap acts as an additional support for the suspended ceiling, which is particularly important when finishing a large area of the room.
    • Affordability. The price of such a ceiling shadow gap profile is rarely in the medium and high range. As a rule, it is an affordable building product that can be purchased by anyone in Europe.
    • Visual expansion of space. The profile for ceiling with backlighting allows you to visually increase the volume of the room. This option is particularly relevant for small rooms and interiors with relief or volumetric walls. For example, with 3D decoration.
    • Versatility. The Shadow joint profile for drywall can be used in rooms of different sizes. For a house or an apartment, a classic wall model is sufficient. And to join large plasterboard panels in large buildings, such as offices, you can use a separate profile. Including a channel for LED strips.

shadow gap lightingWhat is the profile for ceiling of the aluminum shadow joint

Such building products do not have a strict classification. If we speak in general terms, they can be roughly divided into the following categories:

    • For a stretch canvas. On the market you can easily find a special ceiling profile with a shadow gap for the installation of PVC film or fabric. Such models feature a unique design that, in addition to providing an attractive dark gap, reliably fixes the finishing material at the desired height.
    • For plasterboard. Simpler in its construction, but no less functional. The ceiling shadow gap profile is available in a wide range of models for the most daring design ideas. Plasterboard ceilings with a shadow gap always look stylish and modern.
    • Universal. Construction elements in this category are compatible with all types of ceiling finishes. For best results, we recommend the use of special profile models.
    • With channel for LED lighting. Buying a shadow seam profile is important for creating beautiful lighting on the ceiling. And thanks to the variety of product models, you can create many interesting interior design variations.
    • Reinforced. These structures have extra stiffening ribs and thicker metal walls. They are able to withstand even the heaviest ceiling suspension systems with bulky designs. The price of such a profile is usually significantly different from other models on the market.

Illuminated ceiling shadow gap profileprofile for led strips

In recent years there has been a particular consumer interest in illuminated stretch ceilings. This is partly due to the appearance of the ceiling shadow gap profile on the market. In addition to the growing popularity of the floating ceiling effect, such products are used for backlighting. As a result, they are able to offer a number of other original options for interior design.

Contour lighting

One of the most effective ways to decorate the interior of a room is through lighting. Thanks to the installation of a special profile and LED strip, you can create a beautiful geometric contour on the ceiling. The product’s ribs give the lighting zone clear boundaries, resulting in a uniform contour around the perimeter of the ceiling. It is worth noting that when the lighting is switched off, the darkened shadow profile for ceiling is visible and looks no less attractive.

Light linesfalse ceiling profile light

A light line in a stretch ceiling is one of the most beautiful ways to illuminate a room. But its price is also slightly above the average segment. A special profile for light lines usually has a built-in led channel diffuser. Thanks to this ‘plug’, installed on top of the LED strip, the light is soft and pleasant to the eye.

The market also offers models of light line profiles with a separate ‘niche’ (for the installation of LED lighting). As a rule, these profiles do not have a basic diffuser because the light reflects off the metal surface. You can install LED strip profiles either on the outside or inside of the ceiling. In the latter case, the products remain hidden when you switch off the backlight.

Full illumination of the stretch ceiling

A universal plasterboard shadow profile suits well to create the effect of a ‘zenith window’ over the entire ceiling area. Moreover, this model has a special LED light aluminum channel and offers the possibility of installing a diffuser for softer and more even light. However, the only condition for achieving the desired effect is that the aluminum channel for the LED strip or the brackets for placing spotlights must be under the stretch fabric.

Incidentally, the only suitable finishing material in this case is PVC film with high light transmission.

Care should be taken when choosing this type of interior design. A fully illuminated stretch ceiling with a shadow gap is perfect for small, poorly lit rooms, as it noticeably enlarges the small, dark space. In a large room, this design can have a negative effect, creating an uncomfortable feeling of ‘vacuum above the head’.

Installing the shadow profile

Installing such a product is quite simple and takes a short time.. However, as with all building work, there are a number of nuances. First of all, level the walls completely. Draw a perfectly straight line on the finished surface to use as a temporary boundary for installing the profile. This stage determines how smooth and beautiful the shadow gap, ceiling and decorative lighting around the perimeter of the room will be. For an ideal result, professionals use a laser level.

Before installing the profile, it is advisable to seal the area where it will come into contact with the wall with a special sealing tape. This ensures a tighter fit and reliable fixing of the product to the surface. Finally, the profile is screwed to the wall with strong fasteners. There should be no visible gaps between the various parts of the aluminium product. The installation of the finishing material is carried out using standard technology.

Сeiling shadow gap profile – installationwaterproof led profile

    • The wall surface in contact with the profile must be perfectly flat. If there are even slight imperfections, the shadow gap may be uneven and unsightly.
    • If air moves actively in the room, choose a shadow profile with ventilation channels. This will eliminate the constant swaying of the fabric. For apartments and houses, this recommendation is not relevant as the stretch ceiling can easily withstand regular ventilation.
    • Before installing an aluminium profile for LED strip, you need to think about the lighting system. Inadequate planning can result in dull and overly dark areas of the room, as well as an unimpressive lighting effect.
    • Always consider the width of the shadow gap. Too narrow and the joint between the ceiling and wall will simply be invisible in a large room. If the profile is too wide, you will almost certainly see the plasterboard metal profile from different angles in a small room.

Shadow joint aluminium profile at a fair price in Europe

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